BNBMG Tanzania is Fully Prepared for COVID-19 Response through Internal and External Coordination


Under the severe situation that COVID-19 outbreak has become endemic worldwide, the first imported case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Arusha, Tanzania on March 16, followed by the confirmed imported cases in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. While quarantining the diagnosed patents and sparing no effort to trace close contacts, the Tanzanian Government urgently declared closure of all schools and suspension of some businesses.

BNBMG Tanzania is engaged in the operation of CNBM overseas warehouse along the main transportation hubs in Dar es Salaam, with a total of 153 employees, including 129 local employees. On average, more than 500 persons (including customers) and over 50 loading and unloading trucks enter and leave the overseas warehouse every day, so the overseas warehouse has relatively high density and mobility of personnel. Facing shortage of necessities, poor medical conditions and other unfavorable factors, BNBMG Tanzania takes necessary precautions, makes full preparations for epidemic prevention in advance, and considers both the epidemic prevention and control, as well as operation and production to defend against impacts of COVID-19 outbreak under the leadership of the Embassy of China in Tanzania, CNBM and BNBM Group.

We have popularized the COVID-19 prevention knowledge to local employees to ensure that they have a scientific understanding of epidemic prevention and control. We have also adopted targeted stratified epidemic prevention management measures for local employees, Chinese employees returning to their posts and customers, and have controlled risk spreading effectively. Every day before going to work, the local employees must fill in the personal information statement, wear new masks, have their temperatures taken, and their personal belongings sterilized by special persons. The non-contact working methods shall be adopted as much as possible, such as creating electronic office environment and holding online meetings. Chinese employees returning to their posts, whether they have suspicious symptoms or not, are subject to a 14-day quarantine in a separate dormitory having their temperatures taken twice a day and personal conditions reported to the Embassy of China in Tanzania and the Group Company. The visiting of customers is allowed only after their temperatures are taken, as well as registration and disinfection procedures are handled at the main entrance. Despite the surprise of the local employees and customers at the epidemic prevention measures taken by us in advance, they have recognized our measures to care for the health of employees, actively cooperated with us and complied with relevant regulations, so that the epidemic prevention measures were effectively implemented.

The picture shows that the special person assigned by BNBMG Tanzania is taking temperature and conducting disinfection and registration for customers, and that all employees are wearing masks.

Attaching great importance to the epidemic prevention work of overseas enterprises, the leaders of the Group Company, have dispatched  2000 masks and disposable gloves from China to help the BNBMG Tanzania make up the shortage of necessities in epidemic prevention while guiding the BNBMG Tanzania to further improve its epidemic prevention measures and enhance its anti-risk capability.

Since outbreaks spread across borders, the epidemic prevention and control becomes a common challenge to all countries in the world. BNBMG Tanzania will further give full play to the internal and external linkage, share the experience and measures in response to this outbreak, and cooperate with local people to protect lives and homes, ensure safe and orderly operation, and provide "logistics support" of all building materials. We all believe that the friendship and mutual trust between the China and Tanzania will be critical to achieve victory in the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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