Gypsum Ceiling

Regular Gypsum Board (Plasterboard)

It is of ivory color that is nice whether being painted or used as the end color.

Fire Resistant Gypsum Board (Plasterboard)

It is of the pink color processed specially. There are fireproof additive and fiber in the core, which is applicable to be used in the ceiling grid, partition, lift, inner wall of the safe, stair passage and surrounds of the posts and beams etc.

Water/Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board (Plasterboard)

It is developed to suit to the indoor environment with strong humidity. The or-ganic hydrophobic adsorbent added in the core and the imported paper surface processed specially improves the waterproof capacity of the plasterboard. It is especially suitable for the ceiling grid and partition of kitchen and bath room.

  • Safety by incombustibility
  • Smart budget by cost-saving
  • Fast installation
  • Fully automatic capacity
  • Customer satisfaction

Integrated Service and Products:

Specification Main Runner Cross TEE 4’ Cross TEE 2’ Wall Angle
Normal Type 24MM (W) 38MM (H) 24MM (W) 28MM (H) 24MM (W) 28MM(H) 24MM24MM
24MM (W) 33MM (H) 2MM (W) 25MM (H) 24MM (W) 25MM (H) 19MM19MM
24MM (W) 32MM (H) 24MM (W) 25MM (H) 24MM (W) 25MM (H) 23.5MM23.5MM
14MM (W) 32MM (H) 14MM (W) 32MM (H) 14MM (W) 32MM(H) 20MM (W) 14MM(H)
24MM (W) 38MM (H) 24MM (W) 28MM (H) 24MM (W) 28MM(H) 23.5MM23.5MM
Flat Groove 24MM (W) 32MM (H) 24MM (W) 32MM (H) 24MM (W) 32MM (H) 23.5MM23.5MM

Vinyl Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tile:

We are a leading manufacture of Vinyl Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tile, which is used in everything from major commercial development and residential housing to simple home improvement projects. We are also specialising in the ceiling suspension system(T-BAR)

Partition System:

Ceiling System:

Item of Pvc Facing Sheet:

  • 01.#600

  • 02.#862

  • 03.#974

  • 04.#977

  • 05.#988

  • 06.#991

  • 07.#993

  • 08.#976

  • 09.#999

  • 10.#566

  • 11.#567

  • 12.#568

Item of Backing:



  • 3.#R202~PVC(RED)

Technical Data
Material Gypsum board
Surface High-quality vinyl
Backside PET(W & W/O)
Edge Square
Thickness 9mm
Size Metric 600×600mm
Imperial 2’×2’
Actual Size Metric 595×595mm
Imperial 603×603mm
Tolerance Length/width ≤ ±2.0mm
Thickness≤ ± 0.5mm
Moisture Content ≤ 2%
NRC 0.1-0.3

Fire Retarded, Water Resistant, Environment Friendly, Convenient Construction

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