Solar Photovoltaic Module

All specified parameters are at STC 25℃ Ambient, 1000W/m2 irradiance and AM 1.5

Catalogue Mono-crystalline Module Mono-crystalline Module Multi-crystalline Module Multi-crystalline Module
Cell size 156mm×156mm 156mm×156mm 156mm×156mm 156mm×156mm
Cell Quantity 6×12 72cells 6×10 60cells 6×12 72cells 6×10 60cells
Module Power Range 305W,310W,315W,320W,325W 255W, 260W, 265W, 270W,275W 300W,305W,310W,315W, 320W 245W,250W,255W,260W, 265W
Max-Power Voltage 36.9V,37.1V,37.3V,37.5V, 37.7V 30.9V, 31.1V, 31.3V, 31.5V, 31.7V 36.4V,36.7V,37.0V,37.3V, 37.6V 30.2V, 30.4V, 30.6V, 30.8V, 31.0V
Max-Power Current 8.29A, 8.39A, 8.50A, 8.60A, 8.71A 8.29A, 8.39A, 8.50A, 8.60A, 8.71A 8.29A, 8.39A, 8.50A, 8.60A, 8.71A 8.16A, 8.26A, 8.38A, 8.50A, 8.61A
Open-Circuit Voltage 45.3V, 45.5V, 45.7V, 45.9V, 46.1V 37.9V, 38.1V, 38.3V, 38.5V, 38.7V 37.9V, 38.1V, 38.3V, 38.5V, 38.7V 37.3V, 37.5V, 37.7V, 37.9V, 38.1V
Short-Circuit Current 8.86A, 8.94A, 9.02A, 9.10A, 9.17A 8.76A, 8.86A, 8.97A, 9.09A, 9.18A 8.28A, 8.35A, 8.42A, 8.49A, 8.56A 8.75A, 8.86A, 8.98A, 9.09A, 9.20A
Module Efficiency 15.9%, 16.2%, 16.4%, 16.7%,16.9% 15.9%, 16.2%, 16.5%, 16.8%, 17.1% 15.6%, 15.9%, 16.2%, 16.4%, 16.7% 15.2%, 15.5%, 15.9%, 16.2%, 16.5%
Operating Temperature -40℃-85℃ -40℃-85℃ -40℃-85℃ -40℃-85℃
Module Dimension 1954mm×982mm×40mm 1638mm×982mm×35mm 1954mm×982mm×40mm 1638mm×982mm×35mm
Module Weight 25.5Kg 18Kg 25.5Kg 18Kg

Key Features

  • High module conversion efficiency from effciency wafer and cell.
  • Limited power degradation of module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under 60℃/85%RH condition for mass production.
  • Advanced glass and surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environments.
  • Certified to withstand:wind load 2400Pa and snow load 5400Pa.
  • High salt mist and ammonia resistance certified by TUV SUD.
  • Improved temperature coefficient decreases power loss during high temperatures.
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