Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Coil

HOT-dip galvanized steel coils are available with a pure zinc coating through the hot-dip galvanizing process.It offers the economy,strength and formability of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of zinc.The hot-dip process is the process by which steel gets coated in layers of zinc to protect against rust.It is especially useful for countless outdoor industrial applications.

Main Specification:

Thickness 0.15mm-5.0mm
Width 600mm-1500mm
Coating Mass 60g/m2-350g/m2
Spangle Regular Spangle,Minimized Spangle,Zero Spangle
Surface Treatment Chromated Oiled or Dry
Coil Inner Diameter 508mm or 610mm

Standard & Grade:

  ASTMA653M-06a EN10327:2004/10326:2004 JIS G 3302-1994
Commercial Quality CS DX51D+Z SGCC
Structure Steel SS GRADE 230 S220GD+Z SGC340
SS GRADE 255 S250GD+Z SGC400
SS GRADE 275 S280GD+Z SGC440
SS GRADE 340 S320GD+Z SGC490
SS GRADE 550 S350GD+Z SGC570


Production of cold formed corrugated sheets and profiles for roofing,cladding,decking,tiles,sandwich walls,rainwater protective systems,air conditioning duct as well as electrical appliances and engineering.

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