Pre-painted Galvanized Steel

With Gl as base metal,after pretreatment (degrease and chemical treatment)and liquid dope with several layers of color, then after firing and cooling, finally the plate steel is called pre-painted galvanized steel(PPGI). Pre-painted galvanized steel is good capable of decoration, molding, corrosion resistance.

Main Specification:

Thickness 0.23mm-1.2mm(BMT)
Width 914mm-1250mm
Zinc Coating Mass 80g/m2-275g/m2
Paints Standard Polyester(PE),PVDF
Color RAL Scale
Coil Inner Diameter 508mm or 610mm
Coil Weight 3-7mt
Base Material Hot-dip Galvabized Steel or Cold Rolled Steel


Standard & Grade:

  ASTMA755M-03 EN10169:2003 JIS G 3312-1994
Commercial Quality CS DX51D+Z SGCC
Structure Steel SS GRADE 230 S220GD+Z SGC340
SS GRADE 255 S250GD+Z SGC400
SS GRADE 275 S280GD+Z SGC440
SS GRADE 340 S320GD+Z SGC490
SS GRADE 550 S350GD+Z SGC570
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