3 Layers Engineered Wood Flooring

Products No. Photoes Specification Species Grade Surface
1830*189*15/4 OAK CD elephant skin,smoked,brushed,
white washed,random sawnmark,
natural oil
AC908 1830*189*15/4 OAK CD river stone collection,smoked,
hand scraped,natural oil
AC1189 1830*189*15/4 OAK CD knots,smoked,crack,white oil
AC1390 1830*189*15/4 OAK CDD smoked,grey,hand scraped,oil
AH1335 1900*190*15/4 EU OAK CD smoked,crack,oil
AH1369 1900*190*15/4 EU OAK DD deep grey,crack,oil
EU1237 1830*189*15/4 EU OAK CD knots,crack,oil
EU1239 1900*190*15/4 EU OAK DD deep grey,crack,oil
EU1242 1900*190*15/4 EU OAK DD knots,crack,oil
EU1371 1830*189*15/4 EU OAK DD hand scraped,river stone,deep grey,oil
MC3010 1830*189*15/4 Maple BCD sawn mark,smoked,white oil
MC3012 1830*189*15/4 Maple BCD oil
MS0923 1900*190*15/4 OAK ABC deep grey,white wash,oil
MS1392 1900*190*15/4 OAK ABCD red,UV coat
MS1393 1900*190*15/4 OAK ABC white,UV coat
MS1394 1900*190*15/4 OAK ABCD white,UV coat
MS1396 1900*190*15/4 OAK ABCD UV coat
VC917 1830*189*15/4 Larch ABCD thermo treatment,brushed,natural oil
MS1399 1900*190*15/4 OAK CDD white wash,oil
RE1210 1900*190*15/4 OAK DD antique,carbonized,reclaim010,carbonized,
with peg,natural oil
RE1216 1900*190*15/4 OAK DD crack,mended,light smoked,oil
RE1218 1830*189*15/4 OAK DD antique,oil
RE1220 1900*190*15/4 OAK DD antique,oil
RE1221 1900*190*15/4 OAK DD antique,carbonized,oil
RS0928 1900*190*15/4 PINE ABCD oil
RS1270 1900*190*15/4 PINE CDD grey,oil
RS1374 1900*190*15/4 OAK DD crack,oil
RS1376 1900*190*15/4 OAK DD crack,oil
TP1383 1890*270*15/4 OAK ABCD oil
TP1384 1890*270*15/4 OAK ABCD UV oil
TP3000 1890*270*15/4 OAK ABC smoked,white wax,oil
VC911 1830*189*15/4 OAK ABCD thermo treatment,red stain,black washed,
white washed,UV oil
VC912 1830*189*15/4 OAK ABCD thermo,smoked,handscraped,
brushed,white washed,natural oil
VC913 1830*189*15/4 OAK ABCD thermo,smoked,handscraped,
brushed,2xnatural oil
VC917 1830*189*15/4 Larch ABCD thermo treatment,brushed,natural oil
VC918 1830*189*15/4 PINE ABCD HNO,thermo brushed white
washed natural oiled
WN1114 1830*189*15/4 America Walnut CDD oil
WN1331 1830*189*15/4 Chinese Walnut ABCD UV coat
WN1377 1830*189*15/4 America Walnut ABCD oil
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